Best Cricket Games For Android

When it comes to playing games, there is no age bar.

People of any age can get engaged in playing a good game. Also, when it comes to cricket, the hype is just on another level.

With lockdown all around due to the coronavirus pandemic, and with IPL canceled, all cricket lovers are in grief.

That is where android games come in.

Nowadays there is nothing you cannot do when you have an android device in your hands.

Cricket is another such thing that you can play without going outside.

Agreed, you might not be getting the same feeling while playing android cricket games that you get while playing real cricket out on the fields, but the game makers try their best to provide the gamers with the best experience.

Keep reading this article to find out more about gaming and get to know about such online cricket games that are best for android users.

Advantages of Gaming

  • Games are a great source to develop early learning skills in children. Certain online games teach children the basics they need to know before joining a school, but they do that in such a fun, gaming way that the child learns faster and earlier while also enjoying it.
  • Gaming also enhances memory, the speed of the brain, and concentration. Whenever someone plays an online game, it requires a lot of focus and concentration to complete the games. Every game is designed in such a way and the levels in the game are set in such a way that to complete each level, one requires a lot of determination and focus, and concentration. Because of this reason, and the difficulty level of each level of any game, a person’s brain remains engaged throughout, which helps in an increase in brain activity.
  • People, be it children or adults, develop multitasking skills because of playing online or offline games. Especially games that require completing over one task altogether engage a person in such a way that they develop multitasking skills in real life.
  • Multiplayer games provide social benefits. In multiplayer games or group games, a person needs to engage and communicate with other people from all around the world. This is a great way to achieve social skills and become more socially involved.
  • Playing games also promotes teamwork skills and builds confidence in children and adults alike. In team games, people need to team up with all kinds of players from all around the world, and this helps in building teamwork and also completing an in-game task or achieving a position in a particular game builds confidence in an individual.

Disadvantages of Gaming

  • Too much gaming can lead to a terrible addiction. Sometimes some people get so addicted to video games that they forget everything around them. They dedicate all of their time to playing video games and become oblivious to the real world, which is bad for physical and mental health.
  • Addiction to video games or any kind of games makes people, especially children from the ages of twelve to eighteen, very aggressive. Their behavior deteriorates and they interact aggressively with their parents, other family members, and everyone else.
  • A person ceases to have any kind of social life eventually if they play too many games. People might argue that in online games they get to interact with people but that does not count as social life. That is a virtual life. They eventually lose any real-life contact with people and end up having no social life.
  • Too much gaming can also lead to obesity. When someone plays any game on a phone or any device, they do not get much activity. They sit or lie down in the same position for hours and end up with muscle pains and obesity due to the lack of activity.
  • Last but not the least, when children play online games, unknowingly they end up downloading spam or viruses from harmful websites. That ends up harming their device. 

Who is it for?

There are many people out there who love playing games.

Be it video games or simulation games or any kind of android or PC games.

Cricket is one of those games which people love playing, be it online or offline.

While some people prefer getting down in the field and take a bat and ball and play cricket physically, some people prefer to sit within the comfort of their home and get the cricket playing experience virtually through android cricket games.

This article is for those people who prefer the second one.

If you are one of them, keep reading this article to find out more about the best cricket games for android and how to download them, and what each game offers.

Top Eight Cricket Games For Android in India 2021

Stick Cricket Super League

With just a size of 33Mb, this is one of the best cricket games under 50 Mb for android. Many have listed this as one of the top android cricket games.

In this game, you can do a lot. You can begin by creating your character and customize it with different hairstyles, eyes, faces, jerseys, and so on.

After customization, you can participate in a cricket auction, you can choose from over 70 teams, and play in a T20 league just like IPL.

You can also create your team and be the captain of the team. All in all, you will get a whole IPL type experience with this game. You can keep this game under “Best IPL cricket games for android”.


Beach Cricket

Beach cricket is a 3D cricket game for android. It is a great game for any cricket enthusiast.

This game will give you a feel of a beach vacation, with its sunny, sandy setting at a sea beach, along with satiating your thirst for cricket.

You will have a team of 11 players (obviously).

Even though the batsmen are predefined, you will get to select your bowlers from among the available players.

There is also a toss and of course winning the toss will give you a chance to decide whether you want to bat or bowl first. You can play a game of 5 to 10 overs.

Stick Cricket Premier League

Here comes another fantastic game produced by Stick sports- The Stick Cricket Premier League.

There is an original version of it for the PC.

This game has smooth gameplay and users can enjoy smashing boundaries at will.

An added perk is that the users can choose to play with their favorite teams in the Indian Premier League.

Just one drawback of this game is that several bugs need to be fixed. Other than that it is a great game and can be listed under best free cricket games for android.


T20 Cricket Champions 3D

Looking for some good and realistic graphics containing games? T20 Cricket Champions 3D would be the right choice for you then.

The realistic nature of the game and the graphics allow it to be ranked second on my list of top eight cricket games for android.

We require no payment to play this game and also you get timely updates.

You have all your IPL teams in this game and with this game, you will get a real IPL experience through your android phone.

It has various game modes and it is one of the best cricket games for android under 100 Mb.

Real Cricket Go

This is another 3D cricket game for your android device on this list. This is an android cricket game under 50 Mb where you will get to enjoy the complete cricket experience realistically as the name suggests.

World Cricket Championship 3

World Cricket Championship 3 is the third and latest installment in the series of the same name.

However, if you compare it to the previous installments of this game, you will find that there are some differences in batting and bowling techniques and also the user interface is a bit complicated.

Even then, the motion of bowling actions and animations are top-rated. Also, this game has a lot of realistic scenes and moves which gives the player an amazing experience.

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Real Cricket 17

If you are looking for a game where you can enjoy the full cricket experience, then Real Cricket 17 is the right choice for you. It is said to be the most complete cricket game for android.

It has a multiplayer mode where you can play with your friends or with players from all around the world. You can build a team from scratch in the premier league mode.

It also includes test matches and the champions cup.

The game is challenging as well as fun to play and hence is one of the best cricket games for android.


World Cricket Championship 2

Last but not the least, World Cricket Championship 2. It is really easy to play and has solid graphics, too.

It is a great 3D game for android. It can also be considered being one of the best multiplayer cricket games for android. Both online and offline modes are available for this game

It is one of the most versatile and dynamic android cricket games due to its plethora of features.


Now that we know all about our best online and offline cricket games, let us answer some frequently asked questions on this topic.

Which is the No 1 Cricket Game For Android?

To date, a game called “World Cricket Championship” has been voted as the top cricket game for android. More about this game has been discussed previously in this article.

Which is the best cricket game for Android mobile?

The word “best” is comparative. For someone, things might be best, but for others, something else might be best.

But not to worry, depending on certain features, there are certain cricket games for android that are considered to be the best. Some of them have been discussed in the article previously.

Which is the best offline cricket game?

There is a pretty popular android cricket game known as “Real Cricket 20” which has both online and offline modes. You can play that game anytime you want without an internet connection.

Not only offline, but that game is also playable online with some added features in-game. To know about other offline cricket games for android, read the previous subheading in this article.

Which is the best offline multiplayer cricket game for android?

Battle of Chepauk 2 has been considered to be the best multiplayer offline cricket game for android to date. Even though it has an online version, the offline version allows multiplayer mode too. To know more about this game, read the article above where I wrote about cricket games that are best for android.


In conclusion, it is fair to say that there is no shortage of cricket games when it comes to android. Even outside the list I have provided, there are many cricket games that everyone would enjoy playing.

But among the list, I would prefer World Cricket Championship or Stick Cricket Super League. Both of these sound like so much fun does it not?

But of course, each to their own opinion. All of these games will ultimately provide you with a great realistic cricket experience.

So what are you waiting for, go and download one of these on your android device now and play your day away?

Happy Gaming!

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